Due to great succes, the COLOSSUS was sold out within two days after it was released.
We at Dr. No Effects are building full time to make a new series that will be available on April 10th ’18 at

Keep your eyes peeled for the new stock cause they move fast.

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DR. NO Effects working with Noveller on a new GUITAR effect, MOON CANYON!

Dr. No Effects and Los Angeles-based guitar conjurer and composer Sarah Lipstate (Noveller) are working on a very exciting new project, called MOON CANYON!

(Picture by Priscilla C. Scott)

Almost two years ago a collaboration started with Dr. No and Sarah Lipstate.
A process of new ideas and experiments besides the comfort zone of niche guitar effects builder Dr. No, is forming into something truly special. Something never been done, heard or seen before. We can’t tell you everything yet, because all is in full process of secret development. What we can tell is that the name of the collaboration pedal is “MOON CANYON” that is houses three amazing effects packed in one, that those effects are a Overdrive, FX-Loop, Digital Reverb and a Digital delay, and…..that it will be released at full moon may 31st 2018. Keep checking Dr. No Effects and Noveller’s social media platforms as well as the shop were it will be exclusively available at


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