Boutique? Or not?

I come accross many new pedals that are called “Boutique” just because to value the product higher. These days it is very easy to buy a product from a Chinese manufacturer and put on your own logo or brand on it and name it yours and call it handmade and “Boutique”.  It seems legal to sell it through a handmade or “Boutique” label even if they are not.

Still the definition of Boutique is:
“The term boutique is commonly used to describe high-quality, handmade effects  built in small-scale production runs without the use of automation or  mass-production techniques, thus allowing for greater attention to detail and  custom-tuning of individual units. Obviously, the price of these effects will be  significantly greater than most of the mass-produced offerings of the larger  manufacturers. It is decidedly a niche market, attracting only the most discerning ears and discriminating tastes”.

Just as you know, All DrNo-Effects are made by DrNo himself (and they always will be). Every proces is done by hand with only handselected premium components, exclusive and award winning graphics. Handwired , hand Silkscreened, Environment friendly materials and prodcution proces. All oldschool production proces and methods. Tested and tuned individualy to get you the best instrument men can build. With that “True Vintage Tone”.

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Powerdriver MKII In stores April 2013

Stoked about having you some new DrNo-Effects product in stores soon.
The Powerdriver MKII is going to be the new standard in overdrive.
Fine tuning this device took some time, but came out perfectly.
“The Red PowerdriverMKII is the new Vintage Green” (if you know what im talking about ;-))!!

Expect to have them distributed and put at your favourite DrNo-Effects musicstore around April the 1st 2013.


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