DrNo’s little history lesson about Guitar Effects

A little history lesson about Guitar Effects. And how did it all started.

Early 50s, rock guitarist and badass Willie Johnson of Howlin Wolf began cracking his amplifier beyond its intended gain level to create warm overdriven sounds.

Howlin Wolf
(“Howlin Wolf” (Chester Arthur Burnett) 1910/1976)

One of the earliest recorded examples of distortion in rock and roll history is the registration of the in 1951 recorded song “Rocket 88” with Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm. The Guitar player Willie Kizart used and amplifier with a speaker that was slightly damaged during the transport causing a slightly overdriven sound.
Ike Turner
(“Ike Turner” (Izear “Ike” Luster Turner Jr.) 1931/2007)

Early 60’s (1961 to be exactly) , the rock band  The Ventures asked their friend session musician and electronics wizard Orville Rhodes (AkA “Red Rhodes”) for help recreating the “broken” or “fuzzy” sound caused by a faulty preamp on  Grady Martin’s guitar track for “Don’t Worry”  by Marty Robbins. Orville Rhodes then offered The Ventures a handmade Fuzz-Box, they later on used on “2000 Pound Bee”.(1962).
Red Rhodes
(Orville J. Rhodes Aka “Red Rhodes” 1930/1995)

This also was the year of the first commercial fuzz boxes we all know as the legendary “Maestro Fuzztone FZ1 also released in 1962.
(Legendary “Maestro Fuzz-Tone”)

“You Realy Got Me” by The Kinks is even recorded with a razorblade slashed speaker to create that damaged distorted sound. This was in 1964.

1965 Mr Keith Richard used the Gibson Maestro Fuzz on the “I Can’t Get No” track that skyrocketed the sales of the Maestro Fuzz that made it totally sold out by the end of 1965.

1966 Mr Jim Marshall began modifying the electronic circuits of his now legendary amps to have a louder and fuller distorted sound.

Other Early Fuzz boxes where the Mosrite FuzzRite (“Spirit In The Sky” Sound), the famous Arbitter Group FuzzFace that was used by Jimi Hendrix, Vox Tone Bender, Univox Super Fuzz, Electro Harmonix Big Muff.
Univox Super Fuzz
(Univox Super-Fuzz)

End 60’s early 70,s bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Cream, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and many more shook the world with their ear deafening but amazing heavy guitar sounds that sounded like “Heavy Metal” falling from the sky.
Black Sabbath
(Black Sabbath)

Heavy Guitars and overdriven guitar sounds were invented there and were the subject of guitar evolution that went on till today.



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PowerDriver MKII

PowerDriver MKII

The newest DrNo creation makes hist RED monster the new standard for GREEN!

We all get overwhelmed by overdrive pedals, in many forms, colours and shapes.
I believe every brand, Boutique builder has to build his own Overdrive pedal, because there are still differences or upgrades to add.

Because its one of the most delicate effects you can add to your pedal-board, building a good one comes to an art form. The most used and most wanted overdrive pedal (also called “The Holy Grail” of overdrive) is the Famous GREEN TS808 from Ibanez. I mean the old one here, build  late ’70s by Nisshin that developed  the first Tube Screamer. The legendary Tube Screamer debuted in 1979 and that was later popularized by many players that set the tone. I think almost every guitar player owns or pre-owned at least one of the amazing 43 generations.

In general TS are also known con’s of this beautiful instrument. The one I heard most that it is a little mild and its not really get you over that edge that is sometimes needed. In some cases  you like to take it to 11, but it stops at 10.

DrNo has now worked out the second and final version of his answer to your overdrive needs.

The PowerDriver MKII is to be called the Holy Grail on steroids and his answer to green, namely….RED. Red represents the colour of anger, screaming, an outlet of emotions that need to be set free in making music and Rock and Roll.

With its organic, warm overdrive this is a must have on your pedal-board.

Together with the original and rare to find ingredients the finesse of this pedal takes you beyond any other overdrive pedal you ever used before.

Also added a “heavy duty toggle switch” on the side to change your overdrive character in two settings, authentic  and aggressive.

All made by hand by DrNo in Eindhoven Rockcity.



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