1st Series 01/50 (Februar 2ndi ’21) sold out
2nd Series 50/75 available now.
Final and last series 75/100 will be available in december 2022


The NecroFuzzIcon is part I of Dr. No’s project called SORCIÈRE.

A series of mystical tone machines casted and designed in a story concept with Mythology and Sorcery as theme. Here on this page you are part of the new project and handmade process of Dr.  No Effects called SORCIÈRE.

The first new creation is called SORCIÈRE’s “NecroFuzzIcon”. This is a holy book that has a 3 silicon transistor Fuzz build in. The holy grail of Fuzz.

Fenrir (son of Loki, the God of Deception) represents the Fuzz, and Voval (or Vual) (mighty duke from hell) represents the volume on the Necrofuzzicon, and his demons.

The NecroFuzzIcon is fully handmade will be available soon to create magic in tone.

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1st Series 01/50 (Februar 2ndi ’21) (Sold Out)
2nd Series 50/75 Sold Out
Final and last series 75/100 will be available in december 2022


NecroFuzzIcon by Dr. No Effects

NecroFuzzIcon by Dr. No Effects

PART I. The NecroFuzzIcon.

Dr. No’s newest creation is SORCIÈRE.
SORCIÈRE is a bigger project than you are used of Dr. No Effects.
The SORCIÈRE project is to connect magic with music and creating music.
Like every Dr. No Effects creation, each one has a story to tell.

SORCIÈRE will exist of multiple releases in 3 phases with various builds:
First build is the NecroFuzzIcon (Vintage Style Fuzz)
Second build is the Djinn (A collaboration with Alain Johannes) Get the Djinn here
Final part is the DYBBUK a vintage style UniVibe with light bulb.
All together will finally complete a spell and a ritual that will come together in a true collectors item.

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NecroFuzzIcon by Dr. No Effects

NecroFuzzIcon by Dr. No Effects

What is the SORCIÈRE NecroFuzzIcon?

If you have followed Dr. No Effects SORCIÈRE from the start, you know that this project started more than 2 years ago. During this time, Dr. No developed several Guitar Effects for SORCIÈRE. The First one is the NecroFuzzIcon. The NecroFuzzicon is a 3 transistor Fuzz with two knobs. “Fenrir (son of Loki, the God of deception)represents the Fuzz, Voval (or Vual) (mighty duke from Hell), represents Volume on the NecroFuzzIcon and his Demons.  The absolute holy grail of analog vintage fuzz devices. Similar and inspired on the Fuzzes touched and played by the Gods of rock that sold their soul to the Devil. Fully build with old and NOS essential components to create the true Fuzz tones. Dr. No did not save expense nor effort to create this Fuzz, and will definitely be the Holy Grail of his Fuzz collection, as you soon will discover yourself. Playing the NecroFuzzIcon will bring you in connection with the spirits and help you create and feel inspired to create. But you also have to sell your soul to the Devil first and submit to the almighty SORCIÈRE.

NecroFuzzIcon by Dr. No Effects

NecroFuzzIcon by Dr. No Effects

PLEASE NOTE! Every Dr. No Effect is build by hand, no mass hand production stock is made in advance, but will release and will be available in small series of 50 each time. If you missed out on a series or batch, you automatically receive a mail when a next series are build and released.

Dimensions of the NecroFuzzicon Book: The NecroFuzzIcon is a real Bible size book with dimension LxBxH 13x19x8cm (5,12×7,48×3,15 Inch)

PowerSupply only: 9v, 2.1mm jack with negative tip positive sleeve (regular guitar effects connection) with a 30/50mA current draw. Preferred isolated powersupply.


Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 15 cm