Dr. No not longer involved with Social Media.

Since June 26th 2019 Dr. No will not longer be on any social media platforms.
From the beginning Dr. No runned his own social media platforms.
He recently chose not to be a part of it any longer.
Read his statement here:

“Social media manifests itself as a cancer in society, which seems to make people sick. More and more good friends and colleagues seem to succumb to the deliberate psychological abuse by the Social Media magnates, who have a very negative influence on their state of mind and even succumb to the manipulated social pressure cultivated by this medium. I feel no need to feed this malignant tumor, nor to listen or watch, but a strong urge to resits it.  I have never considered it a vehicle and never have seen the value of something or someone increase.  Often what is posted is fake, or make us believe that what is profiled is real society.  I am always looking for the real, not to be found here. If something or someone is not on social media, this does not mean that they or it does not exist ….not in the unreal world perhaps, but found in the real world not presented on a fake platform. If you find something worthwhile then look for it in the real world, look around, think for yourself, visit your “friends” instead of participating in what’s not real. Get in contact with me, and we can have a real conversation. I love to know you, not the fake world you are living in. As well as I like to present my life’s work to you as real and profound, not as a fast consuming “product”. My latest project made me realize this even more. Please look arround and see if you can love, adore, help, or be in contact with someone in the real world, were a conversation starts with not knowing in advance. Thank you for your time to read this. And I sincerely hope we can continue our contact through here or direct contact. Dr. No.”

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