FUZZ – Overdrive – Distortion


There maybe a lot of confusion about the difference or the interpretation of Fuzz, Overdrive and Distortion. I still get the question asked very often.
Hopefully this will explain in “normal language” the difference between all.

The Terms “Fuzz”, “Distortion” and “Overdrive” are often used as to be the same thing, but they have different meanings.

OverDrive are used to be very mild, that produce very natural warm overtones at low volume. The gain can be (naturally) increased by louder volume but remains the authentic signature sound that is your base tone. They are very sensitive (in a positive way) to amp and guitar settings and the way you play. They really can create your signature sound because it also sounds different by an other “”playing hand”. They are often used to play Blues, Jazz and Rock. Legendary overdive pedals are the ProCo Rat, Ibanez TS808.
DrNo-Effects Overdrives are “More Gary”, “Drive-0-Matic”, “PowerDriver/Booster” and Powerdriver MkII” and Upcomming “Ledgend Tone”.
Distortion produces is known to be a harsher Overdrive that produces almost the same amount of Distortion at any level. Distortion is less organic and less sensitive than his mild and gentle college the Overdrive. The Distortion sound is way more intense and “in your face” than overdrive effects. It is very common to use Overdrive and Distortion in one effects chain to have a Clean/Overdrive/Gain stage to work with. They really work excellent together.  MXR Distrotion +, Big Muff, Boss DS1 or Roland EF1


Fuzz  is the most used and oldest name for the OverDrive/Fuzz/Distortion effects.Its known for its very aggressive but charming sound capabilities. Fuzz effects alters an guitar signal until its almost a square wave. Also adds very organic and unpredictable overtones that can be very exiting to play with. Legendary Fuzzes are the Maestro FZ1 (Rolling Stones), Arbiter Group Fuzz Face (Jimi Hendrix uses), Univox Super Fuzz (The Who).
DrNo-Effects Fuzz devices are: “Octofuzz”, “Kafuzz!!!”,”Madfly”, “Back Magic”, “Ford Falcon Fuzz Car”. More Fuzz Fun yet to be build.

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