NecroFuzzIcon by Dr. No Effects

Release of the NecroFuzzicon

Dr. No Proudly presents the NECROFUZZICON.

After two years development, part one of Dr. No’s newest project is released.




The NecroFuzzIcon is part of Dr. No’s project called SORCIÈRE.

A series of mystical tone machines casted and designed in a story concept with Mythology and Sorcery as theme. Here on this page you are part of the new project and handmade process of Dr.  No Effects called SORCIÈRE.

The first new creation is called SORCIÈRE’s “NecroFuzzIcon”. This is a holy book that has a 3 silicon transistor Fuzz build in. The holy grail of Fuzz.

Fenrir (son of Loki, the God of Deception) represents the Fuzz, and Voval (or Vual) (mighty duke from hell) represents the volume on the Necrofuzzicon, and his demons.

The NecroFuzzIcon is fully handmade will be available soon to create magic in tone.

If you like to participate in this ritual, best to subscribe to Dr. No’d newsletter on

The first Handmade series of 50 will be released exclusively at

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Let the magic begin!

Dr.  No Effects SORCIÈRE

 Let the magic begin!

How does it work?

SORCIÈRE is Dr.  No’s new project.  Already 2 years in the making in Dr.  No’s laboratory.

It’s almost time to launch and become available to the public.

SORCIÈRE consists of a number of ritual tone elements that become available per part and ultimately can form a unity. SORCIÈRE is therefore not one project or effect, but consists of several separate parts issued over time.

The ritual order of appearance is:

1 # NecroFuzzIcon

2 # The Djinn

3 # SORCIÈRE altar

SORCIÈRE, like all Dr.  No Effects is completely handmade, and is made in small series with great care and attention to detail and is available in small series of 50 pieces per build series with a final total of 666 handmade copies.  Each time a new series is created, they will be made available on

If you subscribed to the Dr. No Effects newsletter, you will be the first to receive a message about a new available series.

All separate elements can eventually form the intended unity and collector’s item if you are interested, but the NecroFuzzIcon, the Djinn and the SORCIÈRE altar can be obtained separately.

The NecroFuzzIcon, the first part of SORCIÈRE, will be available soon in a first series at


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Happy to bring you the news about Dr. No’s newest project and creation, SORCIÈRE.

Dr. No has decided to drastically changed his direction and to accelerate when it comes to innovation and creativity regarding his work as effects Doctor.

SORCIÈRE (his latest brainchild), will be a long journey and ritual to were active participation is required from you.  From a secret members Instagram page in conjunction with your registration of Dr.  No’s newsletter here at, (that maybe end up in spam filters, because forces will do anything to prevent you from being a part of this) you will receive parts, clues and tasks that you must complete in order to have the chance to have access to one of the only 333 SORCIÈRE projects that will be released and listed on as you completed the ritual at the end of the journey and found the correct key-code to use as access key. SORCIÈRE will be released after all rituals are performed by the members and partisipants. It can only be released with your partisipation, because you will be a part of the whole development and manifestation. If not…..the Witch will die and will never see the darkness of night.

SORCIÈRE is not available through simple sales, but also need your focus and participation in the ritual that must be performed by you!  The ritual and information  will be provided in phases, with each phase and clue and or assignment you can unravel part of a key-code by executing each assignment in the gronilogical order. Some keys will lead you to parts and rituals you will receive by postal service and a actual ritual needs to be perfomred at your home.   Ultimately the full code is your key and access code to 1 of the 333 SORCIÈRE projects that you can open with the key-code at

Does it all seem complicated and blurry? Cool….but no worries, if you pay attention all parts, clues and rituals will find you! The only thing you need to do is play the game after becoming a member at the secret meber page HERE and subscribe yourself to the newsletter on this page at the pop-up screen when opening

Please note!  The first part of the search for the key-code only starts with, but also closes doors at 666 participants and members.

During the partisipation you will receive no help and answer for solving the clues to find your key-code. But maybe other members can and will help you. And as said before……the first clue will find you! But….if you fail in performing the rituals or finding the right code, you will not ne one of the 333 who can own SORCIÈRE.

(The key-code does not contain characters, capital letters or spaces, but consist of contiguous letters and numbers.)

Let’s play!


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