New Dr. No Effects Project Release.

I started a new project early 2019.

Thereby started a self research without outsourched information on how creativity creates religion and how religion can help us to be creative. 

A large important part is to temporarily not being part of influential mind-determining, wrongly used dopamine generating environment such as social media. 

How do things or situations inspire our creative minds? How important is creativity? How do we use our creativity nowadays? Are we using and evolving our creative minds in the current era were we mostly outsource our knowledge without using our ability to think for ourselves? Or are we being influenced and programmed to think in pre-directed directions? Is information we gather and use allready thought-out information and are people thinking and creating new things without being influenced and programmed, finding answers and solutions within themselves?  Is it making us smarter and do we grow in a selftought creative way or are we shrinking in our ability to be creative? How do I cast this in a whole to progress creativity applied by creative artists and musicians? 

Above are some of the questions involved in this project. I am at the point that some way of religion or beleive influences our ability to be creative. And I like to transfer and transform this knowledge to a level that it can be used for you to be and use as a creative musician to expand the ways to create as well as being inspired with the use of this project. 

As a fact, I have tried to transfer this idea and filosofie since 2003 when  I started making creative tools. 

I felt and noticed that these were missing in the current offered range, and that such tools were programmed to stimulate creativity in only one way.  The digitization of what should be creative tools has limited us rather than increased our creativity.

I experience that the creative musician noticed that the digital world and creativity do not go together with the analogous functioning of our brain.  It limits our brain with unclear but definitely present walls and ceilings that limit us as a creative being and only let us think in one way directed solutions for our defined or undefined needs.  

Conceptuality is missing and not in-depth development of digitization primarily serves commerciality, not creativity or selfthoughtness. 

In my opinion, development in this market and supply should serve all times and exclusively creativity.  Because what do we ultimately want to achieve?  Uniformity?  Individuality?  Or …. That we are prescribed what something must be from an interest and motivation that does not serve us as creative beings?

To summarize everything …. Are you creative inspired by a Coca Cola and a Happy Meal at the Mc Donalds restaurant where a newest commercial hit is played via MP3?  Or do you get inspired and creative in a room full of art, where you drink a carefully brewed beer with a beautiful vinyl in the background?  Are you getting creative and inspired from the latest programmed Boss Katana, or from a beautiful Boutique tube amp?
Do you want to think about what you want to consume? Or do you want to consume what you are prescribed to use?

Which of these examples do you feel comfortable with?  But also safe as a creative person.  I am referring to the people who understand what I mean above.  And I’m also going to increase and provoke this thought by casting this whole subject in a true inspirational tool and concept. 

Thank you so much for reading. 

Dr. No

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The continuation of the COLLOSUS was somewhat delayed, but is again in full swing.  In 2015 Dr.  No entered into a partnership with Ruben Block of TriggerFinger.  This collaboration resulted in the COLOSSUS released in 2017.  Unfortunately, something went wrong with the custom-made brass knobs that were specially developed for the COLOSSUS.  Dr.  No Effects are and are made entirely by hand by Dr. No. However, for these complex Knobs, external help had to be called in to make these custom dailers.  Unfortunately, this collaboration with the knob manufacturer went wrong, so that it was no longer possible to make brass buttons for the COLOSSUS.  Because Dr.  No to never let’s go and to satisfy all his waiting customers, he went looking for a suitable and worthy alternative.  The COLOSSUS is now continued with vintage bakelite buttons in brass color.  The COLOSSUS will be available on this website again from the end of July.  For all patient people, thanks for your patience and the wait.

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Dr. No not longer involved with Social Media.

Since June 26th 2019 Dr. No will not longer be on any social media platforms.
From the beginning Dr. No runned his own social media platforms.
He recently chose not to be a part of it any longer.
Read his statement here:

“Social media manifests itself as a cancer in society, which seems to make people sick. More and more good friends and colleagues seem to succumb to the deliberate psychological abuse by the Social Media magnates, who have a very negative influence on their state of mind and even succumb to the manipulated social pressure cultivated by this medium. I feel no need to feed this malignant tumor, nor to listen or watch, but a strong urge to resits it.  I have never considered it a vehicle and never have seen the value of something or someone increase.  Often what is posted is fake, or make us believe that what is profiled is real society.  I am always looking for the real, not to be found here. If something or someone is not on social media, this does not mean that they or it does not exist ….not in the unreal world perhaps, but found in the real world not presented on a fake platform. If you find something worthwhile then look for it in the real world, look around, think for yourself, visit your “friends” instead of participating in what’s not real. Get in contact with me, and we can have a real conversation. I love to know you, not the fake world you are living in. As well as I like to present my life’s work to you as real and profound, not as a fast consuming “product”. My latest project made me realize this even more. Please look arround and see if you can love, adore, help, or be in contact with someone in the real world, were a conversation starts with not knowing in advance. Thank you for your time to read this. And I sincerely hope we can continue our contact through here or direct contact. Dr. No.”

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