Strap-Lox Box of 30 sets


Box of 30 Strap-Lox in wooden display box.

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A new and revolutionairy way to secure and lock your guitar strap.
You receive two sets of two Strap-Lox when you order this item (save €110,-/$138,-)

This wooden box set contains 30 sets of Strap-Lox.

#With use of your Original strap holder.
#Easy to apply.
#Easy and quick guitar change over with use of one strap.
#No more metal squeaking noise when recording or live shows, that you have with other metal versions of strap holders and locks.
#Every guitar it’s own Strap-Lox.
#Cheaper, more secure, Easier, faster solution than other guitar strap locks.
#Suitable for most electric, acoustic, bass guitars as well as mandolins and banjo’s.
#No more twisted straps when picking up your guitar.
#Flat construction so no need to detach your strap when storing your guitar in your case.
#100 % handmade of premium animal friendly leather.
#Lasts at least a lifetime.
#Includes, instruction manual, four black leather Strap-Lox in carton box.