Holy Wahcamoly

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Limited and last 50 copies ever build are available now. To make sure you have one of this last series, order one here.

The Ultimate wah-wah Rocker pedal with handwound “Myth Halo” inductor for that great authentic vintage Wah Wah tones. Because of the build in powersupply filter, this handbuild Wah Wah is extremely “noise free”.

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Last build series of 50 Holy Wahcamoly’s ship now.
Make sure you have one of these last builds.

The very succesfull, extremely “noise free” Ultimate Original “Myth” (600mH) Halo wah-wah Rocker pedal with:

  • Hand wound “Myth Halo” inductor 600mH
    – Inductor with 600mH
    – Rich Harmonics
    – Superior low ends (Also adjustable inside the Wah with trimpot)
    – Classic and classy tones
    – Highly sought after inductor in Wah Wah pedals.
  • 100% Handmade by Dr. No
  • Custom made Award Winning Graphics (Dieline Awards 2012)
  • Silkscreened carton box
  • Power input DC 9Volts Negative Point 2.1mm Jack Balanced power supply (No One-Spot)
  • Output capacitor switch 3 settings to for ultimate variety in output filter tones, that go well with Humbucker, single coil and p90 style pickups.
  • Works extremely well with any type of Overdrive, Fuzz and Distortion.
  • Works great for Brass as well.
  • Heavy Duty Die Cast Housing with Powder Coated surface
  • Vintage style Wah Pot
  • Premium Components
  • Build in powersupply filter to completely eliminate power-supply noise.

Type: Wah Wah (foot rocker) pedal
Color: Green with 3d rubber feet mat and front logo, Back plate is hand silkscreened.
Functions: (Left) Out and DC power input, (Right) In, (Right) 3 position Capacitor change selector. (Down= Single coil “Strat” a-like, Up = Humbucker position, Middle = in between of position Up and Down.
Power Input: Use 9Volts DC power 2,1mm jack with negative point, External Powersupply only.


Last series stock, be discontinued soon.


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