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Troy van Leeuwen “TVL” RAVEN FILTER and BOOST


Proudly present the TvL (Troy van Leeuwen) “RAVEN” Filter and Booster.

This completes the serie, that together with the TVL Octavia, that has been developed over the past nine months in collaboration with Queens of the Stone Age member Troy van Leeuwen.

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“Dr. No collaborates with Troy van Leeuwen on a range of two unique signature tone guitar effects.”

(You can reserve and pre-order the second build series now! Pre-orders for the second 50 copies, N0# 50/100, will be shipped out on april 10 2017!)

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Alain Johannes 11:11 No#01/121 (SOLD OUT)


Early 2014 Dr.No and Alain Johannes started their collaboration on a new guitar effect.

The “Alain Johannes” “11:11” Pedal became a true piece of art with a lot of symbolic features and custom made parts that made it very special and personal.

Limited Edition of 121 builds. (SORRY SOLD OUT).