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Due to many requests, the SKULLFUZZ is now available in a “pedalboard friendly” unit.

The SKULLFUZZ internal circuit remains the same as in the other two versions of the SKULLFUZZ (Human Skull versions and the Art SkullFuzz).



The one and only original foam TURD Fuzz by Dr. No Effects!

The TURD Fuzz is fully handmade in Dr. No’s lab from soft TURD enclosure and internal sonic design as well as the custom made and designed TURD Fuzz box. The Turd is made of soft and spongy foam to easily engage the internal build in footswitch. The Turd Fuzz is made with very durable and strong foam material to last.

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SkullFuzz Original


(SkullFuzz is limited in stock).

The Original Skull Fuzz by Dr. No Effects.
Fuzz extreme in a life size human skull.

Imagine Incredible Hell noise caused by the Devil sharpening  his trident on a huge steam powered hone, rocketing heavy glowing metal shards that descend on a scorched landscape littered with skulls, a dark world where millions of moaning souls wander and scream of unsustainable Hell pain…

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The Kafuzz!!! LAST ONES.

Watch out for this awesome machine! This one sounds like an old Russian Tupolev airplane flying over at low altitude.

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15th Anniversary re-release soon.
Only 25 copies are build and will be available in pre-sale soon.
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“The Madfly”! The second stompbox I made and again a heavy duty son of a-you-know-who! Think old Black Sabbath, think Kyuss, think Fu Manchu and you will be thinking in the right direction.