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More Gary

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Blues, anyone? From Stevie Ray Vaughan’s super defined Stratocaster twang to Jeff Beck’s dramatic Gibson scream, guess what kind of stompboxes made those sounds? Well, let me tell you, if it wasn’t something extremely similar to the “More Gary” I’ll eat my record collection!

PowerDriver & Booster


Archive stock, last eight remaining! This stompbox was completely designed to create and own the full range of analog OD & BOOSTER guitar effects, it sounds awesome on any tube amps.

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This was the first and most successful DrNo stompbox, it all started here! The first generation was licensed under Blendomatic. From there the development and production of the DrNo stompboxes started. And we soon went from this one box to a still growing repertoire of original and, more importantly, powerful effects!

The Drive-0-Matic’s aren’t build anymore and will retire after stock is gone. Last builds are available here, gone is gone.

Evil MotherFuzzer


“Rumors have crossed the country of the resurrection of a rare beast. It feasts on guitar licks and riffs and colors it with his poisoned tongue.”



The Most succesfull and best selling Dr. No Effects Fuzz.

Watch out for this awesome machine! This one sounds like an old Russian Tupolev airplane flying over at low altitude.



This is perhaps my most special and definitely my most “retro” invention to date! Based on all those super sexy but oh so rare and unaffordable Fuzz boxes from the 60s and 70s, the “Octofuzz” really brings that nasty and yet sweet fuzz sound that take you back to legends such as Hendrix and Page.

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“The Madfly”! The second stompbox I made and again a heavy duty son of a-you-know-who! Think old Black Sabbath, think Kyuss, think Fu Manchu and you will be thinking in the right direction.


Black Magic

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Are you ready for the dirtiest, the filthiest, the grimiest and the absolutely heaviest bass distortion of all times? This is the box that the Devil made me build.